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What is Auto Ship?

Welcome to an easy way to save time and money! With the Auto Ship Program, you will receive an additional discount off our everyday low prices as well as enjoy the convenience of automatic deliveries. Never worry about running out again.
You select how often you want to receive each item, and we'll automatically send out the orders on that schedule. You may change the Auto Ship frequency, item quantity and payment method at any time online using Manage Auto Ship Details in the My Account section of the site. There are no commitments or fees and you can cancel an auto shipment at any time.
How does the Auto Ship process work?
After you place your initial order here’s what will happen:
  1. We’ll send you a reminder email before each auto shipment in case you need to update or change anything.
  2. Shipment ready! We’ll ship your order and charge your saved credit card.
  3. We’ll send you order and shipment confirmations to let you know the status of your order.
  4. Your shipment arrives at your door!

It's that simple! Start shopping now!

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