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Our Parrot Jungle Trees are Healthy and Safe for your bird AND the environment

Eco-Friendly, Safe and Green
Our Parrot Jungle Trees are Healthy and Safe for your bird AND the environment

Natural, durable, and tough, our Parrot Jungle Trees are made from harvested coffee trees. Once coffee trees lose their ability to produce coffee beans, they are traditionally burned to make room for new trees to be planted. Burning adds to our planet’s pollution. With limited space to dispose of agricultural waste, harvesters must look for inventive ways to repurpose them.

Unlike other trees, coffee trees grow horizontal branches with intricate winding bends. It takes about 30 years for nature to create these stunningly beautiful trees. After producing coffee berries for that time, these trees become nonproductive and dormant. The dormant trees are removed from the ground to make place for new trees.

To transform these tropical hardwood trees to bring them into your living room, we follow a rigorous process.

We hand pick only those trees that meet our stringent requirements. We then painstakingly debark, hand sand, and kiln dry each tree for 30 days. The drying process helps minimize splitting which is commonly found on other varieties of trees used as bird play stands. 

While coffee is harmful to birds, coffee wood
is non-toxic and proven safe for birds.

By purchasing our Parrot Jungle Tree, GymsPerches or Toys, you’ll help keep unnecessary waste out of incinerators and landfills. Assembly jobs also provide a livelihood for countless people who collect process and assemble this agricultural byproduct. Choosing products fabricated from reused coffee trees allows pet bird owners the opportunity to contribute towards creating a greener planet while enriching their birds’ lives.
Parrot Jungle Trees and Your Bird

  • Fact: Caged birds rarely get enough foot variety in captivity, often leading to arthritis.
  • Fact: Because our birds’ cages don’t provide perches that mimic nature’s way of swaying, & bending under their weight, some birds develop fears of stepping onto unstable things, like new perches, or even your hand.
  • Fact: Lack of exercise and mental stimulation is the number one cause of behavioral problems such as biting, screaming, and feather plucking.

Solution: Healthy, Eco-Friendly Exercise!

Because trees are a natural product, several branch diameters will be found on each tree, which will further stimulate the muscles in your bird’s feet to help prevent foot sores, cramping, and future arthritis. The sanded coffee wood surface is smooth, yet not slippery. The branches and tray are easily cleaned, so they’re more sanitary than other most other wood play stands. Because the tree’s branches are suspended over the large tray, you won’t have a big mess to clean. Our Parrot Jungle Trees offer an excellent source of entertainment and exercise for all pet birds, while providing a splendid piece of art to display your exotic bird’s natural beauty.

Purchasing a Parrot Jungle Tree, Parrot Jungle GymsParrot Jungle Perches or Parrot Jungle Toys, is an investment in your bird health and happiness, will greatly enrich your bird’s quality of life and contribute to creating a greener planet!

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