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Habitat Enrichment

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Habitat Enrichment


Your bird’s cage is his home within your home. Making sure that it is properly accessorized will greatly enrich your feathered friend’s life, making it more enjoyable for him and you!


Perches and toys are obvious additions to any cage. In the wild, perches are trees, and no two trees are alike – their irregular sizes and textures exercise feet and legs, and also trim their nails. For this reason, it is a great idea to provide perches with varied diameters, textures and shapes.


A mix of materials, colors and shapes is best when it comes to toys. Natural materials are usually appreciated; sisal, woven leaf, wicker and coconut shells mimic what is found in birds’ natural environments. Toy rotation will keep toys fresh and birds interested, and will also prevent overcrowding, which can damage feathers.


Hideouts are another important natural habitat element to replicate within the cage. In the wild, you can often find birds enjoying solitude in dense, covered areas, such as trees or brush. Cage sacks, nest boxes or even real tree branches are all excellent options for creating such a space.


For females, nesting materials may also be necessary. If she displays destructive behaviors, such as newspaper shredding or feather plucking, seasonally or year round, providing nesting materials will allow her to create the cozy nest she craves, without damaging her cage or herself.


A cage cover is a necessity. All birds require a quiet, dark cage in order to get the long, refreshing sleep they need for health and happiness. The cage cover will cloak your bird from lights and distractions.

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