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Natural Nesting Behaviors

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Natural Nesting Behaviors May Counter Spring Cleaning


Female birds may start displaying unusual changes in behavior as spring approaches and the season brings about longer days. Owners may notice that their birds have been scratching or tearing at the newspaper lining in their cage. This type of mess may also be accompanied by a collection of self-removed feathers. These actions may seem bizarre, unusual and problematic, but it’s simply a natural adjustment.


This type of behavior is instinctual and especially common during breeding times. During the beginning of the season, shortly after Daylight Savings has begun, mature females may demonstrate attempts at constructing a nest, or searching for potential nest-building materials. These urges are often so strong that females will provide a nest by any means necessary, i.e. plucking their own feathers. This innate need to prepare a home for potential offspring is oftentimes destructive and should be remedied.


The aforementioned behaviors are natural, just as birds, and all pets, were once free-roaming creatures. Captivity and cages are not natural surroundings to these birds, so it is up to the owner to provide them with essential materials to reduce seasonal stress that may be affecting their pet’s comfort and well-being. All-natural bedding materials will prove ideal since they consist of items that birds will find in the wild. This type of cage addition will also provide warmth, security, and stress-relief. Owners may notice that their bird has begun redecorating their cage with the nesting materials in attempts to obtain a more comfortable surrounding; this should be encouraged because comfort is in direct correlation with overall health

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