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Treat Toys - The Best of Both Worlds

Treat Toys – The Best of Both Worlds!


In the wild, the majority of a bird’s time is spent foraging for food. We, as good avian owners, provide a bowlful of a premium, balanced bird diet, and feel that we are doing the best by our bird.  But our feathered friend would probably say otherwise. Cage-induced boredom often manifests itself in destructive behaviors that could be limited or eliminated by offering a treat toy, which will challenge and sharpen your bird’s intellect in a tasty, nutritious way.


Replaceable treat toys are designed to be eaten and replaced. They are often made of fruits, nuts and seeds and can be completely consumed, safely. Refillable treat toys are made of plastic or metals to provide continuous enjoyment; their reusable designs range from simple skewers to complex puzzles, which allows you to choose the best fit for your bird.

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