Household Dangers for Birds

Because our birds are so much a part of our family, we want them with us as much as possible. Plentiful interaction is the key to a healthy bird; however, bird owners need to be aware that there are lurking household dangers that threaten flying pets.

Historically, the kitchen has always been the place where families and friends like to gather, and keeping your bird where he feels most like a part of the “flock” seems like the ideal cage placement. Beware, though – the kitchen holds many threats to bird health. Non-stick coatings used on cookware, stove drip pans, irons, ironing board covers, bread makers and other household appliances emit toxic vapors when heated. Even cookware preheated with oil, margarine, butter or other fats can release fumes that are harmful to birds. Turning on the exhaust fan or opening the window will help with ventilation, but a bird is safest out of the kitchen until the cooking or ironing is done.

Cigar, cigarette smoke, and even nicotine on your fingers can cause a bird to become ill, due to their unique respiratory systems. Aerosol sprays of any kind are unhealthy for the same reason.

Keep the toilet seats down, and do not leave uncovered buckets of water while the bird is loose. The same applies to pots of water on the stove.  

Some houseplants are toxic, if enough is ingested. Dangerous plants include dieffenbachia, cut leaf philodendron, English ivy, mistletoe, holly berries, poinsettia, oleander, or any bulb flower. Bird-friendly plants are aloe, palms, spider plants and most ferns.

By using common sense, and keeping your bird’s safety in mind at all times, you and your birds will have a long, safe life together to enjoy the wonders of the world.  

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